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Monday, March 31, 2014


Life's responsibilities begin to feel like a weight 

when we are no longer living out of our imagination, 
but rather from our memory; 
from our memory of what we did the day before, 
from our memory of what was expected of us in days past and recent, 
from our memory of what yielded responses that fed our egos 
and served our purposes with respect to our "image." 
Understanding that there are things and people we have accepted daily responsibility for, 
we can still live out of our imaginations, 
leaving space in our minds and spirits for Life to surprise us, 
to add a wave or bolt of the "delightfully unexpected" 
or "wondrously touching" 
to an otherwise routine day. 
Living from imagination involves waking like we did as children, 
excited about the possibilities of what a new day might hold;
there is a spark in the eyes, 
a song in the voice, 
and a spring in the step of those who live from their imaginations,
is that you?

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Are the stories you tell yourself --- LOVE stories ?

It's not a good story if its not a LOVE story.

All of us have stories swirling around in our heads,
Moving in and out of our lives, always.
They are the "tapes" that play, the words of another, 
The things we tell ourselves about ourselves 
And about the others in our lives.
Some are stories that inspire us, delight us, excite us,
Others are stories that harden us, paralyze us, wither us.
If we can find the LOVE even in the stories that bring pain and sorrow,
Then they are worth keeping, to teach us and to "grow" us,
And to propel us forward.
If we cannot find the love in our stories,
It is time to let them go.
They will return again and again in different forms
Until we are ready and able to see the LOVE in them,
Until we are ready to see they are here to bring an awareness
To what needs attention in our lives.
Let go of the stories that make you sad, that grieve you,
The stories that tell you you are a victim,
That its not your fault, that it IS your fault,
That others are to blame for the unfortunate circumstances
In which you find yourself today, that YOU are to blame,
Let go of the stories that tell you you are not good enough,
Not worthy enough,
Or simply that you are not enough...for you are, just as you are,
Think on the stories of your strengths and your talents
And the ways you do and can give of yourself to others.
And then there will come a day when you see EVERY story
Is a LOVE story.