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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

practical steps to find a way forward

In the Shingler household, 
we are grateful 
for the techniques we have learned from Byron Katie, 
and it is BLISS to hear and see 
our 3 children use these techniques 
in various forms to help themselves, 
each other, US, and others, 
to find all there is to be grateful for, 
happy about, 
all there is to delight in 
and find comfort in, 
even in what seem like 
the WORST circumstances imaginable. 
There are many in our lives 
who do not see 
the beauty and richness of their own, 
we hope someday they will. 
There are many in our lives who do not see 
all the possibilities 
in their despair, barrenness, darkness, 
they do not see their value 
in what they believe is a "small" life, 
a life less than they want, 
a life less than they deserve. 
All we see is their magnificence, 
AH! if only all we had to do was tell them- 
for them to believe and see their blessings!

I love this letter to Byron Katie 
and I love her response, 
it does not minimize the facts of the situations 
in which people are truly grieving, 
but it gives practical steps to find a way forward 
and eventually beyond that grief. 
Our joy is up to us, 
what and who we trust in, 
what and who we believe in, 
has REAL power to transform us 
within and through circumstances 
we wish we did not find ourselves.


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