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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

An Inspiring Book

I have read this book recently and it has made me really think.  Bob Goff has a way of making you laugh one minute and then profoundly reflect on your own life the next.  It is one of those books I lean over and nudge my hubby and tell him, "You gotta read this..."  It is a book that screams "love in action, not just words!"  He is a lawyer who has a sense of humor that is contagious and a depth of insight.  His book has inspired some new thoughts and renewed some dusty ones for myself and my family.  My library had it, but the cool part is if you purchase it, all the proceeds go to Restore International.  This is Bob Goff's amazing organization that is actively pursuing justice for the underdogs in Uganda and India, and really around the world.   This is a great read!

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  1. Art and I went to the donald miller " storyline " conference and bob goff was there to speak. He is something else. Hysterical. Best storyteller and best stories to tell. And he loves to laugh like no one i've ever seen !