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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

celebrate without the " stuffing "

What is it we usually say at the end of a large holiday meal?
"I ate too much." 
"I don't feel so good." 
Whether it's Thanksgiving, Christmas, 
or just another day,
it's common for us to eat until we can't eat any more-
until we're full.

But while the stomach is designed to hold a certain amount of food-and can even expand to accommodate more-

we benefit from only eating until we're half-full. 

Our overall health begins with healthy digestion.
If our digestion is strong and balanced,
then our body will develop the resources it needs to remain healthy.
But if we eat large amounts of food-
such as is the case when we feel completely full-
or "stuffed,"
our body has to work overtime to digest that food
and this extra work steals other resources from bodily systems 
like the immune system, 
leaving us susceptible to colds and other illnesses. 

This holiday season, as you put food into your body,
take note of whether you still feel really hungry
or if you simply sense that you can eat more but don't need to. 


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