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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

please ask me how and where i get my protein


  1. This is brad...this(not me) is one of the oddest questions (on protein) I am faced with on any sort of regularity (which is often cured by a little fiber):-) It amazes me how a vain source (gossip, TV, publications...etc) can stand in clear opposition of reality (scientific proof; truth) and drive such a large grouping of people into ignorance (without any passion toward the pursuit of truth). I SIMPLY ENDORSE THIS OPINION WHOLE HEARTEDLY...before my adieu I only have one word...it's kinda 80's....DUH!!...oh and some of the greatest expressible heart-felt human words...Thank you (for truth) & I love you

    Grace & Peace.

  2. i love you too bradley shingler.......since i decided to homeschool 11 years ago people have said, "but how do you socialize your children," and in the question i never really heard a true interest.....i heard an attack.....an attack i wasn't willing to take personally.....i always wanted to say "if you knew my children, you would know how silly that question is, and you would be truly amazed at how beautifully they relate to the world and all the people around them"........but i usually took the time to give them examples of how as a parent i help them move in the world (also known as socializing) which is what any interested parent should be doing regardless of where their kids go to school......i'm pretty sure the listeners really didn't care, what they really wanted to do was somehow say that what i was doing was wrong or harmful or less-than or that it would have a negative effect on my children or just plain strange.......i feel the same way about the protein question.....the people who have asked me this question aren't really asking this question because they are interested or want to learn something new.......they are saying something else......something not-in-support-of my choices......and that's ok......i don't need everyone to agree with me or understand me or get on board with me........i never will.......and it is a very confident, freeing, spiritual place to live........

  3. This is an interesting topic and you know I'm genuinely curious--now I'm wondering what are they saying about complete proteins these days? I am behind on this topic but I remember that a "complete protein" source has been considered an important factor when choosing one's protein sources. A lot of people aren't necessarily thinking widely at the time that they're asking you the questions--they're just kind of shocked, or maybe feeling defensive--but maybe later your dialogue will have provided some food for thought. Martha Herbert (brain researcher) says that when people are presented with a concept that is not part of their paradigm they tend not to see it and there are some other points she makes but I forgot them.