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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


The person we listen to the most is ourselves via "self talk".  I am not talking about when you catch me talking to myself or in my case singing off pitch to myself.  I mean the words we say to ourselves about ourselves and our circumstances.  We can degrade ourselves and think nothing of it but when someone else says something negative about us we are jolted.  Maybe we have become callous to our own negativity.  OUCH!  Negativity begets negativity.  I decided today to try to become more mindful of the things I tell myself, the thoughts I think, and the attitudes I choose.  I do not have control of circumstances most of the time but I definitely have control of my attitude.  Attitude is a powerful thing.  It can empower or deflate.  It can inspire or destroy.  The truth is, I like to surround myself with positive people.  I am talking about people who can rise above the difficulties of life.  I used to think that I had to act the way I felt.  That it signified authenticity.  However, as I get older, I am more aware that emotions are fickle.  We can momentarily accept them but then we can choose to act "stable".  Let me tell you this is something I am working on daily.  It is not perfected in my life but I am striving to speak words of truth not emotion.  I am mindful of the words I never utter but I have given a platform to in my own mind.  Words have power...whether spoken internally or externally.

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