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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

a cup of tea and resolution inspiration

when i was almost done with my cup of pomegranate rose tea tonight, i noticed the inspirational quote on the tag dangling from my cup...

always be pure, simple and honest.

i thought, "that's the perfect phrase to end new year's day and to begin 2013."

for me, it's not so much a new resolution as a renewed focus...i've been working on being those three things for a while now...and making them a habit everyday made them my default, but what is more true is that making them a habit, making them a focus and a priority, changed the source from which my choices were made, that process and work changed me.

and there is great freedom and beauty and absolute joy living from a place of purity, simplicity and honesty.

along with those changes in me, i have learned, that in a world where we are always questioning the care and motives of others, it doesn't matter if anyone else believes i am pure, simple and/or honest...

what others think about me and my choices does not change the truth...

what others think about me and my choices does not change MY truth...

may we all discover truths for ourselves that give us life, that bring us happiness, that help us serve the world, and that are so true that we are changed in the deepest parts of ourselves, and we never again concern ourselves with what others believe us---our lives---or our truths---to be...

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