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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

is it true ?

go to the address below and click on the video "he owes me."
my husband art and i were at this event and watched this wife, 
so angry at her husband, begin to see, 
through the work byron katie has designed, 
how her husband "paid her," 
and how distorted her perceptions were 
and how misplaced her anger was, 
and how easily we are moved by our thoughts, 
and how quickly we can change our thoughts 
to support a loving, full, joy-filled life, where we are letting people BE---
who and what and where they are, 
where we are focusing on thoughts that bring us closer to others, 
help us resolve and cooperate and reconcile!  
it was unbelievably beautiful to watch and i am so grateful i was there, 
it was powerful and has stayed with me this whole last year,
reminding me to CHANGE MY THOUGHTS 
when they made life seem sad!

“He Owes Me”


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