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Friday, December 28, 2012

celebrating each other!

honoring and celebrating our sister angie shingler,
for her strength and wisdom,
her resourcefulness and willingness to share what she has learned
on the subjects of health and wellness and gardening and God!
visit her blog S.O.PUREhttp://beinspiredseekjoy.wordpress.com
for beautiful, inspirational writing and useful information!
she is a seasoned and successful gardener
who hopes to continue to enjoy the many benefits 
of sustainable living!
congratulations, angie!  
we can't wait to journey along with you 
and hear what you have to share!
i am looking forward to turning my peach thumb green!  
can you help me with that?!


  1. Thank you so much for the Mention of my blog. You sisters are so special to me and I look forward to this next year. As your for your Peach tree. Start Saving your veggie scraps and tea bags (minus string and staples)and start a compost. Plants need living soil to thrive no Synthetic soils. Love you SISTERS!

  2. do i have to buy worms for a compost heap ?
    or does it work like the movie
    " field of dreams "
    if i build it they will come ?
    i do have a nice spot picked out for composting
    but the lizards live there too
    is that ok ?

  3. I did not see your comment till now. :( sorry. I hope my email earlier helped. I want to subscribe by email to your blog so I get emailed updates when you ladies have a new post. But I do not see that option.

  4. angie you can subscribe at the bottom of the page
    it reads " subscribe to posts "