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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Silence can be a gift

Today I sit still alone with my family busy and out of the house.  I find myself comfortable in the silence.  Last night I was "working" at being balanced and sane.  I choose in this moment to reflect on the whys.     We are all surrounded with distractions (some good and some limiting us from pushing through).  It is healthy and I believe necessary to take the silence and let it envelop us...to begin to look beyond our circumstances and into our hearts.  Recognize the areas that clutter has been shoved in the corners of our minds and to organize those thoughts and feelings so that we can be balanced and whole and at peace.   This is an exercise, by that I mean at times it can feel uncomfortable to realize and come to peace with my weaknesses and other times to rejoice in how I have seen grace given to me by God and others even when I do not deserve it.
Let us strive:
To be quick to forgive ourselves and others.  
To give grace to ourselves and others.  
To be present with God and others. 
Right Now.  Here.  Be.

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