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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Great Quote...

My daughter and I saw this quote today and we pondered on it.
"Love like you've never been hurt."  
This is a really tough thing for me.  It is not about keeping a record of wrongs or building up walls that only separate us from people who need to see love in action.  I know I need to see it!  I have a tendency to want to keep some people at an arms distance because of the discomfort they bring me (or my own petty insecurities).  I desire more than anything to leave a fingerprint on this world that revolves around love, no, screams LOVE IN ACTION!  This is a journey for me.  Some days it is two steps forward and then the next it is one step back, but I hope I am always growing into the person that will reflect that pure love.  Any ideas?

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  1. keep trying to trust, especially with those people difficult to love --- they are in our lives pushing our buttons and making us skeptical specifically to help us grow in the beautiful direction you are talking about --- and keep working on accepting the true beauty and value of Y-O-U --- when we rest completely, solidly, in the truth of our absolute value, the question of trusting others doesn't come up because it doesn't matter what others do or say or don't do or say --- our value isn't touched --- and recognizing another truth, that each person on the planet is precious and valuable and has great purpose and is on his and her own journeys, can help us just let them be them without it affecting us, without it mattering if we trust or not --- trusting and loving like i've never been hurt is an amazing goal and one worth working toward ---