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Friday, October 12, 2012


photo by arthur shingler IV jerome, arizona 10/2012
vulnerability is the only authentic state-
being vulnerable means being open
for wounding,
but also for pleasure-
being open to the wounds of life
means also being open
to the bounty and the beauty!
our vulnerability is our greatest asset,
quake and shake in your boots with it!
the goodness that comes to us
in the form of people, things, experiences,
can only come to us when we are vulnerable,
when we are


  1. Thank you this post it hit the spot for me today, I needed to be reminded of this! I love the picture, arthur has a great eye for moments.
    Love, Chloe

  2. and you chloe are a reminder of open-ness for me, thank you for your intentional and passionate life!