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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

superbly palatable powerfully potent pizza

this was an accidental pizza...i tossed a bunch of strange things on a ready-to-bake round from the health food store, where, by the by, i can now buy RICE pizza rounds...but i digress...i'm glad i decided to take a picture pre-baking just in case it turned out well...because, it did!  here's what i put on it:

  • sauteed sweet onions, red bell peppers, mushrooms, purple onions
  • chopped spinach (you could also use kale and get its health benefits while its hidden under all the other flavors if you don't like kale yet!)
  • chopped up DATES!  ???!!!???!!!  just sprinkled them around...
  • DAIYA brand soy cheddar cheese...the pizza tasted amazing but i think i will use the DAIYA mozzarella next time so i get more of the flavors of the vegies...below is a picture of the three bags i try to keep on hand...they really do melt and are a great substitute for real cheese!
  • and before i put all that on, i spread the pizza round with a bit of lentil curry simmer sauce instead of red pizza sauce!  if you are a vegetarian and not a vegan you could use a creamy coconut curry sauce, found in the international foods section of most grocery stores...
the combination of these flavors was new, exciting, spectacular...i ate 1/2 of the last piece in the middle of the night and 1/2 for breakfast this morning!  i'm making another one today with just lots of onions and dates as well as the lentil curry sauce...
soy based, meltable "cheeses"
the pepper jack is great for quesadillas!


  1. I have never used lentil curry. Is it a sauce? What else do you put it on? This looks sooo good. Can't wait to try it.

  2. i just happened upon it when i was looking for a curry sauce...it has a base of lentils that have been blended and that replaces the creaminess of the real cream found in the traditional indian sauces...the brand i found is called lentil curry simmer sauce by "Spicy Nothings" --found it at Whole Foods

  3. Whole foods is opening in Boise mid November. Can't wait!

  4. YAY! YAY! YAY! it's just so nice to have some of the options they provide that are difficult to find otherwise