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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


 Last night after the kiddos were in bed, Brad and I watched an inspirational and informative video.  It was thought provoking and we have continued the dialog this morning.  Dr. Michael Greger, from nutritionfacts.org is one man who I have gained so much knowledge from.  He is a doctor, who as he puts it, reads every available medical journal about nutrition so we don't have to.  By the way, have you ever read one of these journals?  Lots of medical terms and scientific mumbo-jumbo that well, you might as well put a paper written in Chinese in front of me.  I have a thirst for knowledge but will be the first to admit I am not an intellect.  Anyway, Dr. Greger has a 2-3 minute video each day that highlights a topic.  I just felt like I HAD to share this recent one.  This video is approx. 56 minutes (which is not the norm for this site).  It is worth each and every minute.  Today, I plan on having my kids watch it.  Yes, some of the info may go over their heads.  But I refuse to dumb down information that they can have to be better individuals. I want to be sure and give them information that helps them make better choices as they grow up.  They are in charge of their own bodies after all.  Dr. Greger is funny.  I wasn't sure what the video would be like because the title of it is, "Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death."  Most of us know people who have heart disease, diabetes, or cancer.  He includes these topics among several others.  The new research out there is crazy cool.  Please, take time to be informed.  Share it.  Live it.  And by all means go eat some Kale.


  1. we're on it! will watch it today as an escape from the heat! thank you for continuing to watch and learn and share with such enthusiasm! it's inspiring to be doing this with you!

    1. I can't imagine doing it with anyone else. I love you sista!

  2. This is one of my helpers through the maze of information and misinformation. I think he's a good bridge between the mainstream and holistic medical worlds since his background is in both. His Health Topics link is interesting.

  3. Dr. Kaslow was president of the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation at one point.