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Thursday, August 9, 2012

coconut water slushies

Coconut water has the same mineral nutrient balance as plasma.  It has loads of essential electrolytes (goodbye gatorade!) including plenty of potassium, magnesium, and calcium (the benefits of which we covered under the recipe for date truffles)  It quickly restores and rehydrates, a necessity on these blistering august days, as opposed to a diet coke or other chemical-laden soda which literally destroys all the beautiful, magical working parts of your insides!  Coconut water is at the local grocery stores now, and in flavors, too, i buy a box of the raw version at my local health food store because they offer a 20% discount when you buy anything in bulk.  I make at least one of these slushies a day, alternating between using the coconut water and just plain ol' water, it's easier on the wallet!  The recipe is easy, the benefits are extreme, but drink it slow so you don't get a 'slurpee headache!'  MIX EVERYTHING IN A BLENDER...

  • favorite fruit or juice (raspberries or a lemon/lime/orange combo or some chunks of mango and pineapple) you can put the fruit in whole or juice the fruit first
  • add a squirt of agave to eliminate tartness
  • coconut water or just plain ol' water
  • loads of ice, i like enough to make it really thick so i can eat it with a spoon, but you can add less and make it more slushy to drink with a straw

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