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Friday, August 17, 2012


they look like hotdogs, they smell like hotdogs, they taste like hotdogs
a little ketchup, mustard and grilled onions
or chili and daiya brand pepperjack soy cheese melted on top!
we've tried them all, these are the best!


  1. Do you BBQ them or boil? they look good, we will have to try them.

  2. i either put them in the toaster oven or just the dogs alone in a hot pan, turning them until the little grill marks are all around, and no boiling, but they will hold up on a grill...they are great cold, too, for kids who like them that way!

  3. Niman Ranch (not sure of spelling) and Applegate Farms are good, too. I haven't tried these--or even seen them as far as I can remember. Will look out for them.

  4. Oops. Just realized you aren't talking about meat dogs.