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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The temperature registers at 104 degrees today in Boise, Idaho.  One placard read 114 degrees which is mind-blowing.   Either way, I think you could fry an egg on a rock; but alas not me since there are no eggs to be had in my fridge.  There are only downloadable photos of eggs here.   I thought this might be a great post for the summer heat as it is one of my family's favorites.  And no chicks were harmed in the production of this dessert. Come on, I had to say it.   Not only is it easy, but you control the sweetness and the amount of all ingredients.  Here goes:

Frozen HEALTHY Yogurt


1  24-32 oz. non-dairy yogurt (I go for vanilla flavored and whatever is on sale)
2-3 cups frozen fruit (any variety will do, whatever floats your boat)
Agave nectar or maple syrup to sweeten (add a few Tbsp. at a time as not to over sweeten)

Blend in a high powered blender.   If it is too liquidy add more frozen fruit.  If it is too thick add some water or non-dairy milk such as coconut, soy, or almond milk.

We have been known to have this for dinner.  Like tonight, okay nobody judge me! :)  You know you want some too.

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