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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

the intentional life

we would do well
to slow down a little
focus on the significant
truly see
the things that matter most

living an intentional life is not easy.  you cannot move through your day on autopilot.  it requires thought, action, time and sometimes taking a stand that displeases those closest to you.  it requires letting go of the silly, superfluous, unimportant things, ideas, and business and making room for all that is thoughtful, meaningful, and life-giving, all that helps us grow and makes us truly strong forces on this planet.  an intentional friend of mine mentioned to me the news she had been hearing about one of the ingredients amy and i use in our recipes here, agave.  it can be chemically processed to the point that it is no more healthy than high fructose corn syrup.  my intentional life calls me to a life that is chemical free, so this issue is important to me.  i believe strongly not only in the link between chemicals in our diet and cancer but between chemicals in our everyday products and the environmental destruction of all that is vitally important to our life!  i take much time researching the companies that produce and sell my shampoo, makeup, clothes, shoes, everything you can name that one might use daily!  when i become overwhelmed and don't have time for the research---but NEED something---i shop at goodwill to participate in re-using and re-purposing.  i also subscribe to a website called MILKSHAKE and one called MILKSHAKE FOR KIDS that do all the research for you!  AND i have been able to communicate with people there directly when i have more questions after reading their articles.  companies rely on the fact that people buy without much thought and are moved by clever advertising.  
i remember when probiotics became popular and companies advertised probiotics in their yogurt, milk, cereal, and other daily ingestables.  probiotics do not retain their potency when they are heated or left unrefrigerated or go through processing of any kind, that is my understanding, so it is unfair for companies to tout that their products with probiotics are more potent or powerful.  the same thing is happening with agave.  it is becoming popular and many companies are processing it in ways that harm the planet and our bodies.  i buy a 'raw' brand that it is my understanding is not chemically processed.  sweeteners are something that healthy people should work toward omitting from their diets altogether, they are truly unnecessary especially as your plant-based  pallet changes and you begin to taste the authentic flavors of your food.  honey is an option to agave but i know some vegans take issue with the raising of bees for this use and that honey is an animal bi-product.  my suggestion  is to do your research, make a decision for the health of yourselves, your families, the planet, a decision that works for you.  below are some links to articles on this subject.  there are so many more out there.  with your life and health, take time and take care...




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